George Maclean

Principal Engineer
George is the Principal Engineer at Andy Moseley Associates (AMA) and has spent 11 years within the industry working on projects predominantly but not solely within the North of England. He has an extensive knowledge of the adopted highways network within the region, allowing him to quickly flag any potential risks to clients early.

George has a broad spectrum of project experience from single unique residential properties of architectural significance; to housing developments with over a thousand units; to nuclear sites, to commercial sheds and much more. He also has extensive experience in taking highways schemes from conceptual design through the planning process to detailed design.

George also specialises in the stopping up & diversion of both Public Rights of Way and Highways, dealing with both individual sections of highway and large scale masterplans liaising with Secretary of State.

His wider knowledge of the agricultural industry allows him to provide tailor made highways solutions without having a detrimental impact on existing operations and the wider landscape, specifically in rural locations.

When not at work, George spends the majority of his free time enjoying the outdoors, walking his dogs, fishing & shooting.
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