McDonalds UK – National Role

McDonalds Restaurants UK
Numerous National Locations
Planning Authority
Comprehensive Highways and Transportation Services for Planning and Detailed Design

Project Overview

AMA have provided Highways and Transportation advice on newly identified sites seeking planning consent across the UK for McDonalds Restaurants. This advice seeks to progress these sites through the planning process, ranging from feasibility, preparation of highways assessments for the planning application and the detailed design of agreed access designs / off site mitigation requirements.

To date this has included consideration of over 30 sites and a number of planning applications, planning consents and the detailed design and agreement of Section 278 highways works.

Given the sites are too numerous to name, AMA provide the following services where required on each site:
  • Site Feasibility
  • Transport Assessment
  • Travel Planning and Co-Ordination
  • Road Safety Audits and Designers Responses
  • C2 / C3 / C4 Utilities Diversions
  • Section 278 Detailed Highways Design
  • On Site Delivery of Section 278 Works
  • Servicing and Delivery Management Plans
  • Car Park Accumulation and Management Plans
  • Air and Noise Traffic Data Calculations
  • Public Consultation
  • Stopping Up of Highway and Public Rights of Way

Key Inputs / Outcomes

Given the number of sites AMA have worked upon, some of the key inputs and outcomes are listed below:

  • Identification of cost effective and commercially deliverable access proposals.
  • Working across the UK with numerous Local Highway Authorities seeking successful working relationships given the number of sites being progressed.
  • Attending various public consultation events and managing the general public’s expectations, queries and concerns of new developments.
  • Consideration of the wider local highway network to identify likely off-site highways mitigation requirements and developer contributions, minimising these through technical assessment.
  • Providing commercially appropriate mitigation, where required, at planning submission stage which ensures minimal impact on scheme viability and delivery.
  • Working within the wider project team to ensure comprehensive design co-ordination with architectural and civil engineering consultants / detailed design proposals.
  • Managing the Road Safety Audit process through all stages (1 – 4) from concept to maintenance handover to LHAs, including Designers Responses.
  • Working on site to deliver / supervise Section 278 works, including managing utilities diversions relating to S278 works. AMA seek to design out any unnecessary diversion costs.
  • Assisting statutory processes such as Stopping Up Orders and Public Rights of Way Diversion / Extinguishment for LHAs and Secretary for State (DfT).
  • General Highways and Transportation support on bespoke LHA requirements / requests.
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