Concrete Batching Plant, Cross Green

Readymix Limited
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Planning Authority
Leeds City Council
Transport Statement

Project Overview

AMA were commissioned by Readymix Ltd to produce a Transport Statement (TS) to support a full planning application for a proposed concrete batching plant on the Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds.

The plant sought to provide a concrete batching facility in east Leeds that reduced transit distances between plants and to support the numerous developments on site (both at the time and in the future) and in particular, those in Leeds City Centre.

The scheme was approved and led to a significant reduction in road-based miles for supplying concrete to various building sites across the city; providing both economic and environmental benefits.

Key Inputs / Outcomes

  • AMA prepared a TS for the development focussing on the number of road-based miles that the facility would deliver when comparing this to the other sites servicing east Leeds and the city centre.
  • The proposals led to a significant cost saving in terms of delivery distances, providing commercial benefits but also reducing the number of road-based miles, leading to indirect improvements to highway capacity and air quality.
  • The methodology of the TS and benefits were recognised and accepted by Leeds Highways, leading to the scheme receiving support.
  • The site is fully operational.
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