Elmroyd Care Home, Brighouse

Burleigh Care
Brighouse, West Yorkshire
Planning Authority
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Transport Statement

Project Overview

AMA was commissioned by Burleigh Care to prepare and submit a Highways Supporting Statement to support a reserved matters application reviewing the highways impact of the proposed re-development of a vacant care home to a 37-apartment residential retirement development located on Elmwood Drive in Brighouse.

Full planning permission for a private 34-apartment residential development was previously granted including access arrangements for the site and also supported by AMA.

Key Inputs / Outcomes

  • Based on the quantum of development, Calderdale Highways required the site to be accessed by an adopted road with suitably adopted visibility splays, both being undeliverable in this location given levels and third-party land constraints, including the access road being privately owned. Other concerns included the level of parking provision and servicing of the site with a refuse vehicle.
  • AMA prepared a suitable case that the site had previously operated under a similar use and that the increase in quantum on site, including trip generation would not be of enough significance to warrant the scheme having a severe highways impact in line with NPPF criterion.
  • AMA prepared specific rebuttals on visibility splay provision and their acceptability based on the existing road environment being conducive to the proposals.
  • AMA also prepared suitable Parking Accumulation assessments evidencing that the proposals were appropriate and Swept Path Analysis of a large refuse vehicle being able to manoeuvre on site.
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