Overgate Hospice, Elland

Overgate Hospice
Elland, West Yorkshire
Planning Authority
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Transport Statement, Travel Plan, Car Parking Accumulation Surveys

Project Overview

AMA were commissioned by Overgate Hospice to produce a Transport Statement (TS) and supporting Travel Plan (TP) in connection with the submission of a planning application for a new 16 in-patient unit and increase the existing hospice provision.

The development proposed and received consent which included the demolition of a neighbouring residential dwelling (Springwood House) and its associated gardens.

Key Inputs / Outcomes

  • Key to the LHA was the level of parking provision to be provided on site and that it could cater for the 45.8% increase in existing floor area on site, associated trip generation and parking demand.
  • AMA undertook surveys of existing staff and visitor arrival / departure times by transport mode to determine the existing trip generation and parking demand.
  • The proposed trip generation and parking demand were then increased pro-rata by the collated data to robustly argue that the development would not result in a negative impact and could cater for its own requirements solely on site.
  • Calderdale Highways accepted the proposed methodology and supported the scheme based on the case made by AMA, previously being opposed to the proposals based on perceived impact.
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